"Who am I, O Lord, and what is my family, that you have brought me this
far?" -- I Chronicles 17:16 (N.I.V.)

Seven brave souls, united as one,
set off on a mission, until it was done.

Each felt a calling, a longing to try,
to journey in peace, and reach for the sky.

They joined in heart, and spirit and mind,
and a goal to serve those they left here behind.

The hardship, the peril, the danger and all,
all this they faced, to follow that call.

For they, like others who had traveled before,
sought to open a mysterious door.

A question to ask, an answer to find,
a better existence for all of mankind.

Their trip did not end in rubble and fire,
for they traveled onward to a place ever higher.

Now we must continue, to further their quest,
and in their memory we must give it our best.

We should strive on, until that midnight cry,
to journey in peace, and reach for the sky.